Forum closed
. Friday, October 26th, 2018
I removed the forum from the website. It was all spammed and I'm not that active that it was worth the effort keeping it clean.

New URL and first update in 10 years
. Wednesday, November 23th, 2016
Hi guys! It's been 10 years since my last update...10 years!
I wish I'd be able to present Dark Woods 3 or a finished roguelike for my "return" but sadly, nothing here to show off...
My intention is to get this website updated and polish some stuff up but no promises and no rush (considering 10 years since last update I guess no one has that much hope anyways).

The forum is up again and the new URL is:

Just a little bit of this & that...
. Tuesday, January 31th, 2006
Ok, first update for year 2006. Let me first congratulate myself since this site now has reached 100.000 hits since 2002-07-20. Horray! I can't really say that I've done anything productive lately so let's hope that I can get more done this year.

A friend of mine, Niklas Mårdby, is involved in the development of a action packed online space shooter called Xtreme Space War. It's very funny and pretty well done so check it out!

Screenshot from Xtreme Space War

I'm also proud to present yet another hosted game on my site. It's Rick Clark's Deep Deadly Dungeons (a roguelike made for the Rogue Compo that now has reached v1.0). If you havn't tried it out already I suggest you download it right now or take a look at my hosted section.

Fbtk's roguelike compo...alive & kicking!
. Monday, October 3th, 2005
Fbtk's roguelike competition is still running and now we can see that some really nice roguelikes are in-production as a result of the compo.
The game that has impressed me the most so far is Rick Clark's Deep Deadly Dungeons, a roguelike that is almost finished and has nice graphic & sound (a thing that might make this baby even interesting for people who arn't roguelike-geeks).

Screenshot from Rick Clark's roguelike Deep Deadly Dungeons.

Dr Davenstein and Zap has also showed off some nice demos of their roguelike, a game that is very Diablo-like with nice 3D and great animations. Watch out for this baby!

All the roguelikes over at Fbtk can be found here.
The best qbasic/freebasic rpg released?
. Friday, July 22th, 2005
Syn9 has just released his freebasic action rpg The Griffon Legend. It's a great game and in my opinion perhaps the best rpg ever made in qbasic and freebasic. So, don't hesitate and get yourself a free copy.

"For God and country...." The griffon screamed.

New host for my site!
. Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
Hi there and welcome back! For you who doesn't know that has been going on the last days, here's a short resume:

I've been hosted at for about 3 years but now that time is over since has expired. A big thank you to both Fling-Master and Wildcard for some great years!

So, what has happend now? Well, a nice guy called Plasma, Phatcode, is now hosting me and it feels great. Thanks man!

Everything should work as usual now, but don't hesitate to let me know if you find some bugs.
The "return" of textmode gaming...?
. Wensday, June 15th, 2005
Hi. If you're a textmode-junkie it's the golden days now. Jace Masula has released a ascii game creation package which can be found at his website. It's a great "tool" that can be used to make your own ascii rpg/puzzle game.

Jace Masula's ASCIIQUEST Editor v1.0 has been released

There's also a "new" roguelike competiton over at FBTK that perhaps could generate in the first "good" qbasic/freebasic roguelike ever made. I'll pray for that :)

Happy summer everyone!
Freebasic version of Mirkwood
. Tuesday, May 31th, 2005
Hello. Sotsvart has converted Mirkwood using Freebasic. Check it out!
Other news, sad to me, is that Wildcard has decided to leave QbasicNews. Good luck to SumoJo though, who'll run the show from now on.
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