. Who are you?.
What's your problem?.
Why don't you use another programming language?.
Will you ever sell your games?.
Why do you misspell all the time?.
Can you learn Me how to make rpgs?.
Is it true that you never release demos?.
Do you ever rip graphic?.
What coders has meant most for You?.
Do you only make rpgs?.
Which game (made by You) u like best?.
Which game (NOT made by You) u like best?.
Why you make Tolkien styled games?.
Why not make Lord Of The Rings?.
Describe your games?.
What are you coding now?.
Any future projects?.
Have you never considering to join a coding-group?.
Why don't you answer my mail?.
Do you have ICQ,AIM or MSN?.
Have You used gamemakers?.
Can I beta-test your new games?.
Why don't you update your site?.
Which websites do you visit?.
What's your favourite library?.
When will you leave the qbasic community?.
What's your favourite game (not freeware)?.
If I have more questions,what should I do?.
Do you make your own music or not?.
Can I add your games to my site?.
Can I download your games, and then sell them?.

Who are you?
Jocke here. How much time I'll spend at programming depends very much. From year to year, whether other interest conflicts etc. My other interests are: weight lifting, movies, friends, cars and diving.
I first tried programming about 10 years ago. It was a program called AMOS (Amiga500) and I learned how to create a text-adventure game. I was very happy to code and made several text-adventure games. Many of them quite good (not the features) because of the number of rooms and events. I think I wrote thousands of lines with room info ,) After that period in my life I got my first PC (486). I got a version of Qbasic and made some text-adventure games,once again. I had some other friends that also used qbasic for fun and we made some games together. Remember that during this period I didn't know what Internet was,so when I first entered the internet and found some of the games made with qbasic, I got a shock. I had never believed that it was possible to make games like that.
I continued to program with qbasic but I didn't do it all the time.Some times I never touched a computer for about 6 months and then there was times when I lived infront of the computer. I began to learn how to make graphic,using commands as LINE,DRAW,CIRCLE. I tried to make some Mario Bros-clone but failed big-time :) Yeah,it was hard to work with graphic ,much more difficult then the coding I was used to. My brother designed a paint-program with qbasic,so I was able to make pictures and save them with BSAVE. This was a turning point in my programming development. I made some small rpg's using big (40*40) tiles.Looked real uggly but it was fun. I continued to make some games,some bad and some of them quite fun. Then there was the biggest turning point: INTERNET !!!! I visited sites like Pete's Qbasic Site and Sneukeule Rpg site. I saw what could be done with qbasic and I was once again very eager to make games. And this time I began to believe that it was able to make a game with graphic and good gameplay.
So,to make the story a bit shorter,I began learning new ways to code and got better and better. I made some games and tried to improve my skills all the time.
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What's your problem?
Well, to begin with I'll reply with the question "WHATS THAT TO YOU,F**K FACE!!!".
No,honestly I'm a quite normal guy that really enjoy the fun things in life.
Sometimes I can have a bad habbit biting my nails to much and watch to much tv,but besides from that I live a healthy life.
Yes,one problem I do have.I love horror movies and I've seen some of them many times (Excorcist=30-35 times,The Shining=50 times,Texas Chain Saw Massacre=25 times).
So I'm probaly a little bit psycho...

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Why don't you use another programming language?
I could lie and say that I don't need/want to learn a better programming language,but the truth is quite simple: I'm to lazy. Yes,have many other things I like to do and programming isn't the only thing my life is built on. I wish that my father or mother had forced me learn C/C++ and ASM when I was a kid,but sadly they where quite nice and let me decide what to do for myself.
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Will you ever sell your games?
Hehe..nice of ME to ask that ;) No,to be realistic I have to realize that my games might amuse some people but who the heck would spend money for games like 'Mirkwood','Rohan','Mordor' and 'Dark Woods'? Not me! I though think that there are some guys in the community (or whatever we choose to call it) that could become great software developers for well known computer game companies. There are many talented guys who are in the ages of 13-16 and have a bright future ahead if they choose to keep on programming.
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Why do you misspell all the time?
How rude of ME to ask something like that! I'm from Sweden and we do learn english from school,but for some reason I'm not the best at english. I have asked people to forgive me for my bad english many times, but in the future I will use beta-testers that correct "bad-english" in my scripts. I'm also not happy with the fact that I have good fantasy and many events/scripts could be better if I had a way to "put my thaughts on print".
Very well,let's never more speak of that again ;)
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Can you learn Me how to make rpgs?
I love to help other programmers develop their skills.But to be honest I'm not so good with coding, in fact I wouldn't mind using someones engine and only work with layout,events,balance,scripts and story. That's what I like to do and the coding is not so fun I think anymore. But sure,if you need help and think that I could help out,mail me or visit my Forum and we'll see if I can help.
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Is it true that you never release demos?
Yes,almost true. I released a un-finished game called 'A Candle In The Dark'.
The reason I don't release unfinsihed games or demos is this: I love rpgs and I download every one I got my eyes on. But it's quite irritating to play through a game and find out that the next part will come later. It would be ok if the next part really did come but most the times the projects gets abandoned or canceled before the finished version is done. I don't hate demos,it's just that I more like finished games. In fact I do like demos,always fun to see new ideas and features. To bad that most of them never gets finished though.
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Do you ever rip graphic?
What! How rude of ME! Yes,I have ripped graphic and used in my games. But I try to edit the graphic before I implant it to my games and always ask before ripping.
But I most also say that I screwed up once. I got a message from Danny (Blue Castle Production) and he said that some of his graphic was used in 'Mirkwood'. I got confused and investigated the issue. And he was right,some of his graphic was used in 'Mirkwood' and I didn't even remake or ask him first. We talked about it and now I'm a member of Blue Castle Production ;) Well,this is a tricky issue cause there are times when a untalented artist needs someone elses graphic.But always ask before ripping,that's the important thing to remember. I try to ask other people to make graphic for me and that's probaly the best option if you can wait for him/her to make the graphic needed.
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What coders has meant most for You?
Phew! That's many! There are some coders/artists that meant much for my development as a programmer and game-maker. I guess a list of them would be ok (might foget some so don't hate me for that):

Darkdread: The king of rpgs! Games like 'Lith2','Secret of Cooey' and 'Eternal Frost' has encouraged me alot.
Typosoft: With 'PedXing's Quest' Michael really shooked the qbasic ground. The best rpg ever!
TEK: His 'N!Media' and 'Tileengine' is the reason why I made my first Tolkien based rpgs. A great guy who helped me alot.
Wildcard: The man who connect us all! Great webmaster who always seems to have time for questions and ideas.
Paul Phanks: Known as Dunric. Maker of great text-adventures.
Jonge: The man who makes great graphic and codes. The best help I ever got!
Jofers (aka Toonski): Made my website and forum. Always helping me out when I get stucked.
Eric Lope (Relsoft): Great coder (Relib) and he's always willing to help.
Michael Hoopmann: 'Dark Ages' creator. Great coder!

Here are some of u guys who means alot to me:
Fling-Master,Danny,JTM,Ryan,Vance,Gianfranco,Baijkan,Penguin,Niklas M,Jorden,Rasmus,Marcade,Chaoticmass,Elf,Sane,Mandrake,James Paige,Daniel Eriksson,Matt2Jones,Kyper,Bobby,Lithium,Angelo Mottola,Jay Cook,QbProgger,Johnny Ingersoll,JAWS V,CroWBlade,Matthew Kiehl,Berzniz,ProGmaN,FrozenEmu,Tsugumo,Anthracks,Alex Varanese,Jesse Dorland,Tenshi Animétion,StoneSoft,Zephod,Blair Pyle,Andrew L. Ayers,Edward Schlunder,Chris Chadwick,Cleber de Mattos Casali,Darren Morris and many more.
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Do you only make rpgs?
Mostly. I've finished two other games. One adventure game called 'Dark Woods' and one crappy game called 'Massacre'. I love rpgs and think that I will continue to make them as long as I enjoy that.
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Which game (made by You) u like best?
Hmm. I think that 'Mirkwood','Rohan' and 'Gondor' are quite cool. But because I've made them,I know them to well to make it fun to play them. 'Dark Woods' are more fun to play,cause the outcome isn't as sure as my Tolkien games. I would lie if I said that I play my games often. I usually play other peoples games,mostly rpgs. 'Mordor' will be the best game I've done,that is one thing I know.
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Which game (NOT made by You) u like best?
I think that I must say 'Ped Xing's Quest' by Typosft. It's the best rpg I've played.Outstanding gameplay and features! There are of course many more great games but this one is the best.And that was what I asked,wasn't it?
'Ziel','Acalyphia','Bloody Medeival','Wandering Hamster','Dark Phear','Of Hell and Magic','Wetspot2' and 'Secret of Cooey 3' are also great games.
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Why you make Tolkien styled games?
Cause Tolkien's fantasy world really kick ass! It's the far best enviroment for rpgs and his books are full with details and athmosphere. The creatures in Middle Earth are perfect for a rpg and the detatiled history makes it easy to design small adventures that doesn't ruin the original work.
I once made a own fantasy world and used it for pen-and-papper rollplaying. That "world" is used in A Candle In The Dark,acutally.
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Why not make Lord Of The Rings?
The main reason is simple: A 'Lord Of The Ring' rpg must be really good and I'm not that skilled.
I leave that to the "real coder".Sad though that there are so few Tolkien rpgs made by software companies. The ones made is quite bad,expect Interplays two games.Many good text-adventure games are made and I think I have 'em all ;)
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Describe your games?
Hey,that's not question.That's an order! But ok,I'll give you a short descripton of my games:

Dark Woods 2: The sequel to Dark Woods. The same ugly ascii based graphic but some new features like: option to make and play custom maps and improved score system. Dark Woods 2 inlcudes 11 new levels. After the release I've recieved alot of custom maps (made by inspired Dark Woods 2 players) and Ryan has made a mapeditor that is easy to use. Now there's even a Dark Woods 2 Fan Site and a scenario site. Dark Woods 2 won the Best Puzzle title in Qbasic News Forum Competition.

Dark Woods: A ascii adventure game. It's really more like a tribute to Zach Johnson,rather then anything else. Zach made a game called Jungle Raul in 1996,and Dark Woods is a look-a-like to that. I first tried to make the game exactly as Jungle Raul,but I decided to add some features like magic,keys,doors and other.

Mirkwood: Middle Earth Tale 3. Much things I could say here,but I think that I pretty much rushed in to this game. Much scripts but the story never got that feeling I was looking for. Also the difficult-balance was screwed up. It's really sad,cause I had great ideas for this one.

Riders Of Rohan: Middle Earth Tale 2. Well,Rohan was a quite big game with many maps to travel. I made some mayor misstakes,that really removed the fun-factor,like the fact that you could save your game only at ONE inn.Pretty frustrating to play. The sound feature was very old-styled and featured only some sfx for walking,hitting,buying etc.

Siege Of Gondor: Middle Earth Tale.1 The first Tolkien styled rpg. Used CroW's engine to make this game.I learned alot from doing Gondor,like the value of using commands as OPEN,INPUT ;) Yeah,Gondor used two main modules to include the scripts. Hehe..Thoose times ;) The many bugs makes Gondor really unfriendly to play.

Massacre: Just a 4-hour crappy-production. Meaningless shoot-em-up. Released Massacre,but I don't know why. The funny thing is that I've got about 6 mails from people that says "I loved Massacre!". That makes me almost laugh ;)

A Candle In The Dark: My first tilebased rpg. The story is based on a fantasy world I created for pen-papper rollplaying. The engine is a remake of Tek's Tileeng. The game isn't finished and I guess it never will be either. The battles are quite cool, I think I made over 100 enemies to fight ;)

Dreamer: A text-adventure game. Made this cause my great inspirations from Clive Barker's books/films like Hellrasier. It's a cool game with many rooms/features. Right now I don't have the game on my computer,but I released it a long time ago to some sites so I guess I must try to locate Dreamer somewhere out there to add it to my site. "We'll tear your soul appart..." :)
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What are you coding now?
Right now me, Eric Lope (Relsoft) and Jofers (Joe Antoon) are developing 'Dark Woods 3'. It's the third part in my Dark Woods serie and it will use graphic instead of ascii symbols. More info can be found at the Dark Woods 3 project site.

Me and Jonge has been developing Mordor - Middle Earth Tale 4. for a long time now and I'm sad to say that I've decided to put this project on-hold for now. The reason is that neither me or Jonge has made anything on the code for awhile so it's better to put it on-hold for now. It's not abbandoned however, so don't be surprised if I go back to development later on.
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Any future projects?
I have some ideas,but nothing is decided yet. I can say like this: It will either be a action/adventure game or a classic rpg.
Wow! That made it alot clear,huh? I guess it's better to be silent until I've decided what to do. Right now a fifth Middle Earth Tale. feels very far away. But who knows? I'm also interested in roguelike games so...
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Have you never considering to join a coding-group?
Yes,but I think that I would get fired after awhile.The reason is that I sometimes don't use my computer,and when I do I can be using it several hours a day. I guess a coding-group needs to work quite often and the whole year around.For me it's better to use people that are willing to help me with specific parts of the development (graphic,code,music,layout etc.).
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Why don't you answer my mail?
I get many email per day and I always try to answer as soon as possible. If you've mailed me and hasn't got a mail back,some of the following might occured: 1.The mail never got to me 2.You made the subject blank or wrote a text similar to advertisment or crapp like that.
Make sure you write a subject that allows me to understand you're not selling stuffs,giving me a virus,advertisment stuff or other crapp.
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Do you have ICQ,AIM or MSN?
I have ICQ.Mail me and we might exchange ICQ numbers. The reason why I won't publish my ICQ number is that I like to choose who I'm talking to, and not the other way around.
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Have You used gamemakers?
Yes,but never released any games using one,yet. I like some of the gamemakers that are avaible for free. I played around with OHRRPGCE (Wandering Hamster Republic) and I must say It's very good. I've also tried RPGToolKit and Verge,but OHRRPGCE is the one I liked best. I hope that in the future there will be more gamemakers with many features.It's good for the ones who love to make games but don't have the skills or time to learn how to code.
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Can I beta-test your new games?
Thanks,but I already have enough people that can do that for me. It's really good to use beta-testers who can find buggs and other stuff that can be fixed before the release of a finished product. Because of my bad english,I also have a guy who check my spellings and correct my gramars ;)
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Why don't you update your site?
I try to update my website as soon as I add news or information. Sometimes there can go many days,weeks before I update but that is because I don't have any usefull stuff to add.Make sure you visit my website every now and then, and you'll see that I update quite often.
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Which websites do you visit?
Many. Qbasic News,Future Software and Neozones are some of the sites I visit alot. I think that both Qbasic News and Future Software are important for the qbasic community. But there are more sites I like.Blue Castle Production,Binary Magic and Madmonkey to name some. My website inlcude a Link Section where some of the great sites are added. What I really would like to see is a qbasic website in swedish. Maybe something to work for ;)
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What's your favourite library?
I havn't used any libs yet. Mordor will use some libs,but Jonge has made all that work for me. Future Lib,DQB and RelLib are the libs I check out. I'm not so good at libs,so I won't say which one is better then the other. Libs are great to use.Fast graphic routines and built in features makes the coding much easier, but I'm a "old-timer" so I'll have to learn how to learn how to use them if I will keep making games.
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When will you leave the qbasic community?
Hopefully not in the near future. I'll stay as long as I like to use qbasic and make games. I don't think you can be "to old for qbasic" and I really like playing other programmers products and be a part of this great community.Qb-freak forever;)
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What's your favourite game (not freeware)?
There are alot of games I've enjoyed during my lifetime.'Baldurs Gate','Half-Life','Champions of Krynn', 'Zelda','Fallout' and all sort of soccer/icehockey games. During my Amiga-period I enjoyed games like 'Wings', 'Barbarian' and 'Eye of the beholder'. Right now I'm looking forwards to 'HALO'...
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If I have more questions,what should I do?
Send me a mail or simply go to my message board and ask me. I will try to answer you a.s.a.p. Some people are sending me questions and use my guestbook. Don't do that! I have that just for fun,and I don't view it regulary.Use mail or message board.Ok?
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Do you make your own music or not?
Nope. I download midi-files from various websites. I did make some of the sound FX for 'Riders of Rohan'. If that is something I should be proud or ashamed of,I don' really know. There are good websites that have a large amount of .mid .mp3 .wav files for free download. I'm quite impressed by programmers that make their own music, with good results. But for me,unable to play anything on a keyboard or guitarr,that's not an option.
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Can I add your games to my site?
Yes you may. Since all my games are Freeware software, you can download them for free and then redistribute copies to who ever you wan't. The only thing I wan't is, that you don't edit,rename or do anything else with the software before you distribute it forwards.
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Can I download your games, and then sell them?
No. As all my games are Freeware software I wan't it to be free for all people to download and play. Freeware is a matter of liberty, not price.
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