My host! Plasma's website dedicated to his own projects but also hosting alot of other quality programs. Nice! On of the biggest Qbasic websites The best way to get information about what goes on in the Qbasic community The greatest Qbasic review site in the world Pete's Qbasic Site....just go there! Alot of veteran QB programmers. A really active message board and alot of (old) files to download. A true classic among the old Qbasic websites A Qbasic website with upload feature and many nice MMS games Darkdread's, the qbasic legend, website with projects and products The biggest indie rpg website avaible Joe King's website with quality qbasic projects and product The website of the Qbasic legend Piptol A great indie rpg devoted website A huge content of Qbasic games and utilities to download Josiah's website with some Qbasic projects The official website for the best roguelike game today Wanna learn about Qbasic programming? One of the new and promising Qbasic sites with upload feature and a great forum Kentauri's website with alot of finished & great games Lithium's great site with great projects and files Programming site with alot of great projects Eric Lope,aka Relsoft, is the man when it comes to programming both QB/ASM! Twigs Engine & The Great Escape...check it out! FreeBasic TK. A FreeBasic website with a big forum and file-upload feature. Check it out! The funniest Qbasic magazine avaible. Make sure you read it! A true qbasic classic website. Great reviews! FreewareFiles.com - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily! Freeware review site that hosts Dark Woods 2 QB Top 50 - The best QBasic and QuickBasic Sites

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