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Thoughts & stuff like that
. Friday, 11th Ferbruary, 2005
I just wanted to write something so don't expect this article to change your life or something.
Some days ago I opened my email-account (hotmail) to delete some old emails since the account has a limit about 2 MB. And as I looked through my "Saved emails" folder I began to read some of the messages I've received during the last 4 years. So, after that I decided make a google-search and see if I was mentioned somewhere and what I could read about "myself". No, I havn't got complete hybris and I don't think I'm the new ruler of this world...yet ;) I find it very interesting that it's possible to read about "myself" on a website from, for example, Spain...without actually having "done" something. I make games using a old basic language but still...it's very cool to see that some people like that... While searching for my nickname (Jocke The Beast) I got something like 4.000 hits on google.com. Hmmm...well, I've been around on alot of different forums and such so that isn't so strange I guess...Well, then I searched for "Dark Woods 2", on google and I got something like 1.000 hits. What the f**k is that about?! Is that game really THAT popular? Hehe...no, later I made some searches for other indie-developer-games and soon found my short-hybris-feeling to be very missplaced :) Games like NetHack, Adom and Shadow of Power got from 5.000 - 260.000 hits on google ;) Anyways, on my search with google I found some things I wasn't aware of and some I was conserning my "plan to take over the world".

Below I've listed some sites my games are featured on and I have to say that I'm very gratefull and also somewhat troubled over it (and please, don't take this seriously....it's just me boasting and showing off):

DOS Games Archive
PC Game World
Gaming World
Freeware files
Abandon Data
DOS Games
Game Hippo

Here are some emails that I've received...some are quite funny and some are very nice:

"Hello, Swedish Guy, I'm an American grandma who has started playing Mirkwood, and would like any tips, hints, cheats you can give me so I don't spend the rest of my life trying to solve the game. Just make it easy for me so I can try some of your other games. I'm really enjoying this one, especially since it isn't in 3D which makes me dizzy. What is it with you Swedish guys? I write to one in Helsingborg who has a great sense of humor too. Thanks for the game. :-)"
-Seems like the only one who share my sense of homour is a old American grandma...geez ;)

"Hey, O My God, your mirkwood game is crazy man. My God, how did you get those good graphics in QB. My mouth is still wide open. That's Crazy. Did you use QBasic, What version. I'm like mesmerized by the way the graphics are seamless. How did you turn off the CTRL + Break? THAT IS TOTAL KICK ASS. C YA man -Justin, KICK ASS!"
-Mouth still wide open? Check out MUX or TNT Squeler? Is your mouth still wide open while playing DW? Nah, didn't think so ;)

" Hi, We are currently putting together a CD titled "100 Great Games". We have produced several top selling Shareware, Demo-ware and freeware compilation CDs with great success. We also produce and license full version products for the following categories: Education,Entertainment, Lifestyle and Leisure, Business and Utilities and our Great Series. Our other 100 Great Series titles include "100 Educational Games", "100 Great Games for Windows 98", "350 Great Games" and "100 Action Arcade". These products are distributed through thousands of retail stores across Canada and the US. With the introduction of "100 Great Games", this is a great way to gain exposure for your programs. The series will be available as both a box and CD ROM product.
Before we can include your program on the CD we need your approval. Your reply to this email signifying your approval will allow us to include your shareware on the disc.
Our CD-ROMs feature a custom installation program that displays the name of your program along with a screen shot, your Web Site address and your .DIZ (program description) file. It lets the user run your install program and gives them the option of viewing the program documentation. To make sure that we are giving the customer the best CD possible, we would encourage you to send us or direct us to the latest version of your program. If you have a screen shot available that best shows off your software we would appreciate a copy.
If you have developed any other shareware, demo-ware or freeware games, that you think we might be interested in, please let us know. We are always looking for new and exciting utilities.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. I look forward to your prompt reply. If you have any questions you can call me directly at *** ***-****.
Thank you,
Dominick Petrungaro
Global Star Software."

-I said Yes, of course, and later on Dark Woods 1 was featured on their "100 Great Games" cd...the funny thing is that that cd prolly never has been sold and they had to give them all away ;)

-hehe...I love this guy. I actually wrote him back, nice & easy of course, but never got answer...sad, I felt we had "something" to build on...

"holey zzt rip off...all the grafics are from zzt same thing with the terrane, and monsters!
-hehe...also a funny email...how can one ripp off ascii text characters...Don't use that @, it's mine! Mine, mine,mine!!!

"Hello "Jocke", My compliments for you're game's based on Tolkien. I've downloaded them all and have enjoyed playing them very much (as a true Tolkien-fan :p). I was wondering what kind of software you used to make your game's with. It looks like great fun making them, and I would like to have a trie to :-) Please let me know where I can download the program, or just the name of it (then I can trie and find it on the web). See you 17 dec at the premiere of the Return of the King in the cinema ;) haha Greetz, Kirsten"
-Female fan? Hmmm...is it to early to ask for her hand?

"We just want to say thank you for Rohan And DWII. We are looking forward to your future products!!!!"

"Hi, My name is Juan Pablo, im from Chile, South America, and I wanted to aid you in translating your games into spanish, is not a hard job but why not, you will expand and maybe you will get more enthusiasm in programming those games... I hope you like this offer, bye"

-Chile? Is there guys in Chile playing Dark Woods?! Man, the end of the world IS close.... ;)

"Hi. My nick is Bruno Anchorage. I'm from Florianópolis, SC / Brazil, and I am 15 yrs old. I have played a game made by you "Dark Woods 2". It is quite interesting, and you know, I have such a strong passion for the most simple games, like this one you made. Its design is so simple that it looks like those atari games and the like. My point is : I'd love sooooooooooooo much if you tell me, did you use some specialized program in order to make that game? I mean, did you use any program that is specially designed for making that kind of game? Man, I wonder if you did... I'd love so much to be able to create my own "jockethebeast-style" games!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, answer me, It would be so nice of you! Thanx,
Bruno Anchorage"

"Hi there. I really like your game, dark woods, however there's one little problem. Even though the game is ascii based, the screen is in graphical mode. I am actually blind, totally blind and use a speech synthesiser which translates the text on the screen in to speech. There's a version for dos and a version for windows. Through experimentation, I have discovered that if a game uses ansi graphics in text mode, I am able to play the game with the help of the speech product I use. Are you able to help in this regard? could you create a text mode version of dark woods? Thanks."

-Shamefully I havn't done this yet...shame on me...

"Some great ideas. no offence but you really can't spell in your games, what is the point in making a good game and making yourself look like a complete idiot."
-I agree....I spell like shit and that might make me look like a complete idiot. When thinking about it, perhaps I shound't make rpgs....ok, here we come Massacre 2!

"Hey! I just wanted to say hi and thank you for your free games. Keep up the good work! From Chile, South America, Rodrigo."

"i really like your work, i wanted to know if there was any way that i could get some more of your rpg madness. I just love these simple rpg games. I'm more concerned with gameplay than graphics or sound. you make great games...i dont have many rpg games for my slow computer...but if you have any lying around send some my way please! thanks, Jacob Franks...Victoria, Texas."

Well thanks for taking the time to read this crap...hope you still can have a good night sleep ;) Take care and feel free to get your ass over at the Forum to discuss this article (or just say 'Hi').

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- The Exorcist III

- Jocke The Beast

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