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Article about Game Makers.
. Sunday, December 8th
Hello and welcome! This is the first article in my newmade Misc section. I hope you'll find the content fun,interesting or amusing.
I've decided to dedicate the first Misc-articlet to...*drumroll,drumroll*... Game-makers!
I think it's very interesting with game-makers since they let you create games without having to do all the hard coding yourself. This means that people that are creative and have great ideas,stories and plots can make their own games, without needing to be hardcore programmers.
Below I'll write about some of the Game-makers that are freeware and that I've tried:

OHRRPGCE is a quickname for Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine and the creator is a man called James `SPAM Man' Paige. This old rpg game-maker is well used and has made it possible to create great rpgs in the same spirit as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. The program,named custom.exe, is easy to use and it's compatible with .BAM music files and you can import .BMP pictures/tiles.
If you're interested in OHRRPGCE,visit http://HamsterRepublic.com for more information.

AGIStudio is a program which allows you to view, create and edit AGI games.
AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) is the adventure game engine used by Sierra on-line to create some of their early games. With the release of King's Quest 1 in the early 80's, it introduced the gaming world to the concept of a 3D graphical adventure game, where the player could move a character around the screen, behind, in front of and over objects. Other commands could be typed in, just like a text adventure. A number of other games that used AGI were subsequently released, such as Space Quest 1 & 2, Police Quest 1 and Leisure Suit Larry 1 to name a few.
I love AGI games and I think that AGiStudio is quite ok to use for making fanmade AGI games. The Picedit (a utility u use to make the different screens/backgrounds in a AGI game) is not so user-friendly though.
If you're interested in AGI Games/Programming,visit http://www.agidev.com/ for more information.

Zelda Classic
Zelda Classic is a tribute to "The Legend of Zelda" (Zelda 1) by Nintendo, released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
Armageddon Games created this perfect Zelda-clone that is very well made. But Zelda Classic is more then just a Zelda-clone, Zelda Classic allows you to make your own quests. So, now the hero Link can instead be ninja and the caves can be replaced with sci-fi landscapes.
I've only tried the quest-maker a little, and I thaught it was quite unorganized. But I recommend you to download Zelda Classic,even if u don't wan't to make your own quests the original Zelda 1 still rocks.
If you want to know more about Zelda Classic, visit http://www.zeldaclassic.com/ for more information.

Well,that's all for this article. Hope you've found this article interestning or amusing.Cya!
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