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Retro games: A journey into the past
. Saturday, April 5th
The first computer game I played was a really crappy driving game for Sinclair ZX Spectrum. My friend later introduced me to other, much better, games and I was very impressed and my dream too "one day have my own computer" was born.
My first cumputer was a Commodore 64 (C64) with a tape-recorder. Me and my brother worked for 6 weeks (lumbering trees and bushes) in order to get the money to buy the C64. We got a 14' TV from our grandma and then my first journey into the "world of gaming" begun. I still remeber how me and some friends (who slept over at my place) used to stay up for a whole night just to play, over and over again.
Some years later I bought a AtariST 520 and later on I switched too a Amiga 500. Later on my father bought a Nintendo (NES) and me and my friends enter the world of 'Ice Climber' and 'Super Mario Brohters'.
I bought a PC (486) later on and since that I've stayed with PC. Nowadays I have a old PC p2-233Mhz and a Playstation2, but my heart still beats to the sounds of old retro games that changed my life.

This history is not uniqe, at least not for us that was born late 1970 or early 1980. As you might can imagine I played a quite big amount of games in my life. Now I would like to say some words about the games that has inspired me and never will vanish from my memory.

Fairlight - Bo Jangeborg (The Edge)
"Fairlight" is a true adventure game. With are 80 odd locations, a mystery to solve and hidden objects to uncover and use. And all this is taking place in a 3D world. Here are caves and courtyard, dungeons and drawbridges, towers and secret rooms - ready to be explored.
It's funny, not even today I think I played a better adventure game then this old Sinclair ZX Spectrum game from the late 1980.

Spy Hunter - Bally Midway/Sega
"Spy Hunter" was released 1983 for Commodore 64. It's a vertically-scrolling car-driving shooting game. You start the game rolling out of a weapons van on the side of the road. You're armed at first only with machine guns but later on you can equip better weapons to destroy the evil dudes that chase you.
Do you see anything strange with this GTA screenshot? Man, this rules!

Commando - Capcom / Elite
"Commando" is a scrolling shooter Commodore 64 game and it's funny and very addictive. The ones who has played "Commando", will probaly never forget the soundtrack. A soundtrack that was really cool and I can still whistle it (when I feel like doing something like that).
Hehe...this screenshot should bring alot of nice memories to you (otherwise you're too young or very lame) ;)

The Last Ninja - System 3(Now known as Studio 3)
"The Last Ninja" is a pure classic in the best sense of the word. "The Last Ninja" was a quest (You found items and used them to solve puzzles) but it was a great fighting game too. The gameplay involved you running around finding objects (like the smoke bombs to put a dragon to sleep so you can sneak past him) and killing other bad-ass ninja's. Weapons like nunchuks,shurikens,swords, and poles was featured in the game and the level design was ultra-super-great :)
The world of gaming changed 1987, when "The Last Ninja" was released on Commodore 64...the rest is history.

Nemesis The Warlock - Martech
"Nemesis The Warlock" is a platform shooter but unlike other shooters this game is very uniqe and somewhat strange. The object of the game is to get the next screen but in order to do that you have to kill a lot of people. And this is the best part....hehehe.. you actualy have to make a pyramid out of the corpses so you can climb on them and escape the level. There's also certain enemies that when you killed them, they would go beserk and their stomachs would pop and a strange wizard would jump out from their stomahcs and try and kill you. Sounds strange? Not to me :)
"Nemesis The Warlock" was released 1987 for Commodor 64, and I became morbid and evil...

Blood Money - Psygnosis
This is Psygnosis answer to R-type. The action is purely arcade with little (or no) plot and the graphic was astonishing. You fly various vehicles through different environments (like space and underwater) and the enemies tries to kill you. Sounds familiar? Yes, but "Blood Money" was so beautiful that I was glued to my chair for hours and hours...
"Blood money" was produced 1989, for the Amiga 500 and the Atari ST 520.

Barbarian - Psygnosis
1987 I became a "Barbarian" and I was going to explore the world. I destroyed everything that crosses my path...
This is a flip-screen arcade adventure where You must fight monsters and collect weapons and other items as You progresses through the game - not an easy task since there are many dangerous situations needed to be solved, and sudden death is never far away (remeber the fall-pits?).
Oh, the memories...I bought "Barbarian" for my Amiga 500, and it was worth it.

Turrican 2 - Rainbow Arts
"Turrican" is a platform shoot'em-up game. The original was a hit and the sequel is much the same but even better if u ask me. The opening sequence followed by a superb bit of tracker music and nice opening screen...this was just a diamond rock among dusty silver plates.
The speed of this game is absolutely un-believable, at least when I last played it on my Amiga 500 ;)

As usually, I'm looking forwards to discuss this article (and other) at my Forum.

Thanks for reading,
- Jocke The Beast
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