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The past and the future
. Thursday, 30th April
Hello all! This article is a resume on some of my thoughts about my finished games and games that now are in development. The article has no purpose so don't expect any life-changing surprises. Well, enjoy!

A Candle In The Dark - 2000
My first rpg and also the first game I "contributed" to the internet, for the praise from all man kind ;) Yeah, A Candle In The Dark was not a good game, in fact the game isn't finished. Everything is finished,except that "everything" isn't put together as one. Anyway, the story is based on a fantasy world I created for a pen & paper role-playing game (yeah back in my childhood I was very amused being a dungeon-master and me and my friends used to play rpg's from early morning to late night). The engine is based on Tek's tile-engine (the first I learned how to use) and there's actually a feature in the game where you can swear an oath to the King. Hehe..yeah, and if you make the King unhappy later on (by fighting enemies in the Arena) the King's soldiers will search all over for you :)
What's there to analyze? My first attempt to make a tilebased rpg and it sucked greatly...
Yay! What's with all this pink colors?! Don't ask... ;)

Siege of Gondor - 2000
The first "tale" in my Middle Earth Tale collection, a tribute to the great work of J.R.R Tolkien. I found a tile-engine that was made by CroW and I decided to use that engine, in order to make my own game. 4 town maps and 2 dungeon maps, that's all. The battles was programmed very bad (could be ok for text based game, but not for a graphic one) and there were too many bugs to make it fun to play. I learned allot when I made Gondor... the engine was too big and the scripting was terrible. Didn't use any external script files and the battles was quite boring to go through...it was really quite unfriendly to play ;)
Deep inside the dungeonmaze under Calembel's castle...

Riders Of Rohan - 2001
Another Tolkien inspired rpg,Middle Earth Tale 2, and now the story took place in the great country of Rohan. Riders of Rohan was a much bigger game then Gondor and the engine was remade from scratch. I made a bunch of maps (without mapeditor...don't ask me why...) and tried to create a story that would be interesting. I also added sound (SoundBlaster soundfx) that I thought would increase the gameplay. What I didn't think so much about (and when I did, made a terrible mistake) was the Save Option. I made the engine so that the hero only could save his game at one location. That was really bad, since the game is quite big and it's very boring to re-travel all those maps once again. I liked developing Riders of Rohan but the result was, as usual, not as I really wanted it to be. Great ideas, bad games ;)
An interesting meeting in the woods near Isengard. And no, that's dancing monks!

Mirkwood - 2001
It didn't take a long time after Riders Of Rohan and I once again I made Tolkien inspired rpg. Yes,Middle Earth Tale 3 was a fact and this time, the hero would go on a journey through the great forest that's called Mirkwood. I was really eager to make this game and to make it quickly, and that's not always good (at least not when you're me). The engine was good (for being made by me) and I had much new music (began to use sbmidi now) and gfx to use for this production. The problem is that I was so eager to finish this game that I "forgot" to include a good story and a balanced gameplay (things that really makes the different when it comes to gameplay value). I made allot of scripts but the scripts wasn't so good (not so good I "knew" I could make) and the story suffered allot from this. I'm really sad about this, it's really true. I had a great intention with this game and I blow it, since I was too eager and restless.
Just another day in the town. Drinking ale,kissing chicks and buying booze :)

Massacre - 2001
Hehe...this is by far the best thing I ever programmed and I'm really proud to say that it was developed in a tight time-schedule. No, I'm just fooling around (as usual). Massacre maybe don't even places in the category games since it can't be beaten and you can't lose. The reason I did this game...yes, that's a question I many times think about but still...nope, no good answer :) People lined up against a wall. You pick your "number" and shoot 'em down, one by one. Very easy gameplay, that I can promise ;) Well, take this game for what it is...that's what I did when making it :)
"Honesta mors turpi vita potior" - To die with glory, is better then to live in dishonor ;)

Dark Woods - 2002
After just making rpgs I decided to try something new. The result was Dark Woods, a ASCII/puzzle/adventure game dedicated as a tribute to Z.Johnsons great puzzle. The hero Eduin became our most beloved computer game hero since Link and Mario ;) Dark Woods is a quite simple game. Find items and weapons, avoid evil badguys who will try to kill you and then go ahead and try to complete the level. This game had 6 maps included in the engine and I guess I was quite happy with the outcome of this game. But better times lay ahead ;)
"We who are about to die salute you!" Eduin = Maximus? ;)

Dark Woods 2 - 2002
My first good move as a programmer. I decided to make a sequel that would feature bugfixes and some updated game features. Dark Woods 2 was released with 11 new maps and the option to make/play custom maps (maps that the player could easily make by using Ryan's Mapeditor). For the first time in my life I was feeling happy about a game I'd made, after it had been released. I urged people to submit their homemade maps and today there's almost 100 maps available. The game has been awarded two times and I've received quite allot of good ratings/reviews. After the release I got a request from BlueSckR who asked if he could make a graphical remake of Dark Woods 2. I said 'yes', and after awhile "Dark Woods 2: GFX Remake" was released...and it was great!
The return of Eduin - the bald hero with the huge yellow head!

Mordor - On hold...
Ok, this game,Middle Earth Tale 4, has been in-development since 2001. Right now the development is on hold, which means that it's not canceled and not aborted but the release date is unknown since the development is "put on ice". First I began to design the engine, added a new battle-system which featured graphics instead of the old text menus I used before. Jonge made graphic for the game and after awhile we decided to make Mordor together. Jonge made a complete new engine, an engine that used pixel*pixel scroll,animated sprites/tiles,walking npcs and a new script system among other cool stuffs. The future is unstable...it's always hard to be more then one person involved when making a game (remember that programming is just something we guys do for fun, we have lives outside the "computer-room" too). Anyway, we released a pre-alpha-demo which demonstrated the graphic-engine and script-system that is featured in Mordor. The future is, like I said, unknown and very unstable...
Jonge's engine really looks allot better then anything I laid my hands upon...

Dark Woods 3 - In Development
Eric Lope (aka Relsoft), Joe Antoon (aka Jofers) and me are all determine that Dark Woods 3 will be finished...but besides from that we've decided to not talk so much about the development. The reason is that we all think that hyping would do more harms then good to the development. What we can promise is that it will be allot different from the other 2 parts and I personally feel it's a gift to work with those 2 guys :)
Eduin will soon (?) once again return in the upcoming, Dark Woods 3.

That's it. Hope you had a nice time reading this article and as usual, I'm looking forwards to discuss this article (and other) at my Forum.

Thanks for reading,
- Jocke The Beast
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