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Qbasic: Hall of Fame (Games)
. Sunday, 31th August
This article is a tribute to some of the great games that has been made using Qbasic. And since this is a article written by me (who is a human with thoughts and values) there's a pretty big chance that the article isn't objective. Also one could argue with the fact that there isn't enough games featured but that's just a effect of the fact that I'm a lazy-dude. And I know that there are alot more games that really should be highlighted here but you just have to be satisfied with the ones I've added. Here we go!

Ped Xing's Quest - Typosoft (Michael Dowling)
This is my favourite qbasic rpg and I think I've played the most of them. In Ped Xing's Quest you play as the young wizard, Ped Xing, who are set out on a mission to go the the East to free the people from a evil force. This mission will also result in Ped Xing becomming a real wizard. After this introduction, Ped Xing sets of on a journey through a dangerous but funny world. Not many games can make me laugh in the same way that Ped Xing's Quest make me. The great characters in this world and the well-developed scripts is just too funny (that chicken-npc is just too much!). One could say that Ped Xing's Quest is more a puzzle game then a rpg, but that's not really fair. I think that it's both, it's a great mixture of a puzzle game and a rpg game. The puzzle sequences are great balanced and they add alot of fun-factor to the game.

Typosoft website

Wetspot 2 - Enhanced Creations (Angelo Mottola)
In Wetspot 2 you take control over a small crab and then you'll have to fight your way through levels filled with enemies and bricks. You win a level by killing every monster on the current level. But the funniest thing about Wetspot 2 is the two players mode. Angelo Mottola's game was made 1998 and I don't think that there's been a better arcade game done since that (the many awards also points at that). It's a very stable game, nice design and great gameplay.

Enhanced Creations website

Ziel - Jay Cook
Jay Cook has made one of the best zelda-styled qbasic rpgs and he made it 1997. Ziel is more or less a Zelda-clone but the great thing is that even if the game is old and Jay Cook didn't use any libs for Ziel, the game is great fun to play and for people like me (who are fans of Zelda-styled battles) it's one of the greatest products that's been made using Qbasic. I really wish that more qbasic coders would turn away from the "dark side" (that is Final Fantasy/Dragon Warrior battle style) and go straight on to the Zelda-styled battles in the future...*words from the crowd: why don't you do it yourself, punk?!* ;)

Jay Cook website

The ARC Legacy - Mark Hall (XMark)
Xmark, or Mark Hall, finished the first game in his ARC serie 1999. Later on he made the sequel The ARC Network, which today is avaible in a demo release, and the third part called The ARC Prophecy which is in the planning stage right now. The ARC Legacy takes place in a post-apocalyptic world called ARC. The athmosphere kind of reminds me of Fallout and similar games. With your group of heroes you'll set of on a journey where you'll have to fight with mutated creatures and solve quests to become succesfull. I enjoy The ARC Legacy since it's a finished game with great rpg features that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and the music is great!

XMark's website

MonoSpace - Milo Sedlacek
Milo Sedlacek is no longer with us, he died of leukaemia. Before Milo passed away he made Monospace (and some other titles). It's a quite normal type of a space shooter (you fly a ship into enemy area while shooting everything you see and try to avoid crashing into something in your way). But Monospace is quite different from other qbasic space shooters, it's fun and the AI is very good. There are many well designed powerup's and the games graphic is good (even if it's black & white). In short Monospace is a true qbasic classic and it deserves the reputation it has received.

Milo Sedlacek tribute website

Kingdoms - Piptol
A qbasic strategy game? That is fun to play? Well, belive it or not but Kingdoms is all that. Piptol (also known for games as Ghini Run and Squealer TNT) made Kingdoms first on a 8-bit Amstrad CPC but then decided to make another version for PC. And with nice graphic and great sound/music this funny strategy game became a true classic among the qbasic community. With features like npcs, recruiting soldiers, modifying taxes, spying (on the enemies races) and borrowing money from the other races this game is really entertaining. A sequel was planned but it's shelved for now...sadly.

Piptol's website

Well, that's it for now. I think I'll write another article with some more great qbasic games since there are so many of them. And as usualy I'm looking forwards to discuss this article (and other) at my Forum.

God bless You,
- Jocke The Beast
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