Added hosted games
. Sunday, May 8th, 2005
Hi. I've added a Hosted section at this site. There I'll add games that I think should be avaible at this site. You'll find the hosted section here.
Otherwise the situation is pretty much the same here: I play around with FreeBasic trying to convert old projects made using QB. So, stay healthy and cya later!
Updated project section
. Wensday, March 16th, 2005
Hola. After months of no coding at all I've just started to work on a old project of mine. It's a roguelike called BeastRogue and I use FreeBasic to compile the code. No release-date will be published, I'll let you know when it's done.

Sorry people...Mordor & DW3 are burried...

I've also fixed the projects section and since both Dark Woods 3 and Mordor are on hold they're removed from there. A big I'm sorry to the people who has been waiting...but it feels wrong to have 2 projects active while they're infact more dead then alive. Sorry again...
New article
. Friday, February 11th, 2005
Hi. I just wrote a new article. It's really just some thoughts about old emails I've received and stuff like that. Read at your own risk ;)
Update with news from the QB-Community
. Saturday, December 18th, 2004
So, it's soon Christmas again and I hope that you all will have one that's nice and happy. With that I say: Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Well, let's not forget there are alot of things "going on" in our Qb-community, and here are some:

News from the Qbasic community

- A open-source 32-bit QB syntax-compatible BASIC compiler called FreeBasic is in development by V1ctor and this will surely be one of the greatest things that ever happend to QB. Check out the official website for downloads and updates.

- VGameSoft has decided to release the source for Acalypha to the public. One of the best qb rpgs ever in my opinion.

- The 2004 QB Gaming Gold Nominations Have Opened!, make sure you go here to nominate and later on vote.

- Pete's QBasic Site is updated regulary and QB Xpress (qbasic magazine) has released 4 issues (one per month) and Pete seems to keep that trend alive. Well done!

- QBTK is launching the QBTK MEGA RPG COMPO and as the guys behind it says "This is a series of compos, each lasting from 1 to 3 weeks. The goal is that each compo will produce a component of an RPG. The final competition will be to put the winners of all the mini compos together, and produce a complete RPG!". Check it out!
Minor update with news on a qb roguelike
. Wensday, November 18th, 2004
Ryan has just finished a new qbasic roguelike called The Numbervold. And Ryan says "it's a rogue style game of monster killing and leveling up with some fun humor thrown in to boot" about the game. It's made for Pete's QB Express #3 competition and it sure looks cool to me. I suggest you to take a look at Ryan's site for more information or just download it straight away. Enjoy!

As for myself, I havn't programmed anything for a long time now but I havn't lost my interest and I hope I will find some motivation to get back into game developing. Meanwhile I'll hang around in the "community" since I like it. Later!
Dark Woods clone? Yepp.
. Wensday, July 21th, 2004
A guy called Manuel contacted me and told me he had made a game called Warrior. It's a Dark Woods clone and it's well made (German text though).
Update...but nothing of interest
. Sunday, July 11th, 2004
Hi there. Long time since the last update and I have nothing to blame it on...perhaps real-life stuff and things like that could be the reason.
I'm still interested in roguelikes and would love to make one myself some day. The question is if I should try it using Qbasic or if there are other tools/languages that are easier to use for a such development. Well, if you got any suggestion please tell me. Later!

noeGNUd: comibining character mode, 2D tilesets and 3d graphics, for NetHack...looks sweet right?!
Got my new computer and broadband
. Friday, March 19th, 2004
Greetings my friends. I've now received my new computer and also installed my broadband. So this will mean that I will from now on be much more online.
I've no other news to report and no, DW3 isn't finished yet and we still don't have a estimated release date...
Sorry for not updating more often
. Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
Well, soon that will change. Within a few weeks I will get a new computer and also broasband installed in my appartment.
Meanwhile, if you havn't already checked out the site called Googlism, I suggest you to do it. Quite funny!
Roguelike competition
. Sunday, January 4th, 2004
Happy New Year to all visitors!
A roguelike competition in Qbasic has just been launched at and I will be the judge. This is a great thing for our community (and me) since I think that roguelikes are great games from the past that still can be more fun to play then "modern" games with graphic and junk ;)
Merry christmas and happy new year!
. Sunday, December 21th, 2003
Hi everyone! I just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hope you all get to have a good time with friends and family.

Make sure you all go and see ROTK this weekend...ok?!
New article about roguelikes
. Friday, December 5th, 2003
I've written another article about roguelike games. Read it here.Enjoy!
Tiny update with news from around the community
. Monday, December 1th, 2003
Hi. More then 1 month since the last update and I'm sorry to report that I have no big news to bring you. I've cleaned up in the links section a bit, but besides from that there are nothing new to report and there is still no release date set for Dark Woods 3. Stay tuned...

News from the Qbasic community
- has returned in a new shape. A easy and nice looking forum plus dowload/link section. That's about it, but now it feels like " is home again".
- Wildcard has decided to say goodbye to Qbasic News for awhile. He hasn't said when he'll come back but I sure hope it won't take too long.
- Lachie launched a one-key challenge at QBNews and the votings has begun. There are 8 entries and there alot of cool games that are enjoyable even if they only features one key to controll the game.
- QBXL has released the second issue, both a print version and a audio version. The magazine is very funny but sensitive readers should beware ;)
- XMark has released a special edittion of the super qbasic rpg ARC Legacy, that feature some cool soundtracks, some documents and a "director's commentary" in the background when playing the game :)
New DW3 screenshots and news from around the community
. Thursday, October 16th, 2003
Well, sorry for the lack of updates but it's simply cause I havn't had anything important to tell you about (still I have nothing really important to say but at least I've got some minor things I thought I could mention). 3 new custom maps for Dark Woods 2 have been added and there's a new record at the Top 5 HighScore, congratulations Neo!
I've also added some new screenshots from Dark Woods 3, but they're only new for the ones who missed them at QBExpo2K.

News from the Qbasic community
- Qb4All has been redesigned but still have their quite impressive amount of downloads & tutorials.
- Kentauri has changed URL. Make sure you try Lachie's last game called 'Ball Blazing Fantasy' too.
- MasterMinds Software has also been redesigned. New forum and more downloads!
- QB ON ACID has returned after 2 years of silence. Nek has kindly reviewed 3 of my games ;)
- Piptol is heading south. Pip might be away for as long as a half year or more :(
New article and chat-room.
. Sunday, August 31th, 2003
Hello there! I've updated this site with yet another article. This article is called Qbasic: Hall of Fame (Games) and it's a little tribute to some of the great qbasic games that I enjoy. Read it here!
As you might have noticed I've also added a Chat-Room where you can talk with other Qbasic programmers and have a good time. Enjoy!
Dark Woods 2 : The Calculator Remake
. Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
Some time ago Jon Roshko asked me if he could make a calculator remake of Dark Woods 2. I said yes and now the work is done.

Download here and why not visit this site where the calculator remake is hosted.
100 submited maps for DW2! One year at celebration
. Thursday, August 14th, 2003
The barrier has been pasted, I've now received 100 submited maps for Dark Woods 2. A big thank-you to all you guys who has submited maps to me. I've updated the "Dw2_Map_Package" so it now contains all 100 maps, ready to be downloaded.

I also celebrate that I've now been hosted at for one year now. 40.000 hits and many regular visitors, so I guess I could say that I'm satisfied. The latest 3 weeks of downtime is the only problem that occured during this period. A big thanks to Fling-Master and Wildcard for their kindness to provide me with space here.
More DW2 maps and news from around the community
. Tuesday, July 1th, 2003
3 custom maps for Dark Woods 2 are submited and there's soon a chance that we will reach the 100 mark soon.
I'm going away on a short vacation, from today and until Saturday, July 5th.

News from the Qbasic community
- RPGDX are hosting a contest where the participants must create a small MiniRPG with a nostalgic feeling.
- VPlanet will host the QBExpo2K3 that will start July 11th. Expect to see exclusive screenshots and details from the latest and greatest QB games this year.
- BlueQB has finally been updated. TheMariuZ have "returned" and his RPG-Adventure Creator has been improved alot and a 3D-Model-Editor has been desigend for it.
- Two "new" Qbasic websites gets more and more traffic and their content keeps growing with alot of interesting material. So, please check out QBColony and Qbasic New Zealand.
Back in Sweden again after one week in Greece
. Monday, June 2th, 2003
Well, I'm back again from my vacation in Greece and I have to say I had a great time there. I've received some more Dark Woods 2 maps which makes the current numbers of maps:94! Belive it or not, but there's still people that writes emails about DW2 and submits maps.
Besides from that: Dark Woods 3 is still in development, Mordor is still on-hold and I'm still interested in roguelike-game-development (but I'm too affraid to begin one myself) ;)
Jocke goes on vacation for a week
. Monday, May 19th, 2003
I will go away on a vacation for a week to Greece. Scuba-diving, sunny beaches and alot of beer. I'm away until May 28th, so take care and God bless.
New article,more DW2 maps and news from around the community
. Thursday, April 30th, 2003
I've written a new article called "The past and the future", read it here!
There's now 89 submited maps for Dark Woods 2 and I've updated the "Dw2pack" so it contains all maps,that's submited to this day. I'm very happy, but have hard time understanding, that you guys still are sending me maps. Thanks!

News from the Qbasic community
- is alive and kicking it! Seems like the 'good old day' can still be founded at the this old qbasic home.
- QBColony is still updating and the amount of reviews is growing. Check it out!
- RPGDX are hosting the "Spring 2003 MiniRPG compo". Darkdread among other famous programmers are in the "fight".
New article in the Misc section
. Saturday, Arpil 5th, 2003
Hi all! I've written another article for my Misc Section that's called "Retro games: A journey into the past". Please go ahead and read it, perhaps some of you will like it.
I've also added 2 new custom maps for Dark Woods 2, which makes the current number of submited custom maps 86!.Cya later!
New Dark Woods 2 Fan Site and 4 new maps
. Thursday, March 20th, 2003
4 more custom maps for Dark Woods 2 are added.
I've also added a new Dark Woods 2 Fan Site to my Link Section.
More Dark Woods 2 maps and some information
. Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
I've added 3 new custom maps for Dark Woods 2 and I can happily report that the current of custom maps submited now are 80!
I'm looking into roguelike game development right now so if you have something you wan't to share or just being interested, please visit my Forum.
The 'About Me' section is removed and the content is now located in my FAQ.

News from the Qbasic community
- MasterMinds Software is now back in buisness again, the number of hosted resources and games keep growing and the forum is getting more trafficed.
- It seems like the problems with 'QB45.COM' finally is over. The new URL is
- Piptol has released the source for 'Squealer TNT' and he's also declared that " Well, this will probably be the last ever update at Piptol Productions...". Read the full story at Piptol Productions.

Some minor website updates
. Monday, March 3th, 2003
I have made a Old News Archive that inlcudes a archive with old news from this website.
The Link Section is also updated with links to Piptol Productions and Delta Code. Cya later!
10 more Dark Woods 2 maps added!
. Wensday, February 19th, 2003
I've added 10 more custom maps for Dark Woods 2. I've also replaced the old Dark Woods 2 Custom Maps Packages with a new file called This zip file will be updated so it always contains ALL custom maps for Dark Woods 2 and it will be updated every time I receive a submited custom map.
Adios amigos!
News from other websites
. Monday, February 10th, 2003
Greetings. Here's a short briefing about some news from other websites.

"The Official One-Stop Place where you can Find all the Junk that Relsoft likes to Collect".
That's how Relsoft describes his new website,Genso's Junkyard.

Nathan has also made a new website,with a forum and other fun stuff, called QB$uX.What it means?! Don't ask me!

Master Minds Software (MMS) has updated their website with a new layout and new content. Go there and register now! is a new RPG related website with alot of great features. I urge everyone to check it out and register.

IndieRPG (RPGDX) will survive. Bjørn has taken over the site (after Mandrake) and this is what Bjørn says in the latest news:
"I will be making sure IndieRPG finds a new host, hopefully with the support of the community.If we cannot find a free host that meets the needs of IndieRPG I'll be paying for one that does, possibly asking a (very) small fee for special services like getting hosted or an email account. "

That's all for now. Cya later!
A new article in Misc section
. Monday, February 3th, 2003
I've updated my Misc Section with another article. This article will guide you through roguelike games (something that I really enjoy).
Me,Jofers and Relsoft are still working with Dark Woods 3 but don't get surprised if we don't give any more information or screenshots until the release is near. We just wan't the development to be succesfull and stay away from hyping and such. Stay tuned.
8 more Dark Woods 2 custom maps added
. Sunday, January 19th, 2003
I've received 8 custom maps for Dark Woods 2. The current number of submited custom maps is 67. Thanks for all the submitions guys!
Well,that's it for this update. Take care!
Dark Woods 2 Custom Maps Package #2
. Thursday, January 2th, 2003
Hello and happy new year!
I've updated my Dark Woods 2 Section with 21 new custom maps. Jon Roshko have submited 20 maps and they're all perfectly designed. I suggest you try them out.
I've also made Dark Woods 2 Custom Maps Package #2 that features 26 custom maps, zipped into one file. Go ahead and download it and have some fun.

Merry Christmas everyone!
. Sunday, December 22th, 2002
Hope that you guys (and chicks!) will have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Let's wish that santa will increase the qbasic community next year (with more great games,websites and friends).
I will celebrate Christmas with my parents, so I'll be away from december 22th and will return december 27th.
Take care!

New article at Misc Section
. Friday, December 13th, 2002
I've written another article for my Misc Section. The article is about text-adventure games and I hope you'll enjoy it.
And today is Friday 13th. So make sure you lock your door and make sure you have enough ammo to surive through the night...
Received my second award for Dark Woods 2.
. Monday, December 9th, 2002
Horray! I've received my second award for Dark Woods 2 from '2002 QB Gaming Gold Gaming Awards' at Vplanet.
Thanks to all of you who nominated me and voted for me.Thanks!

Website updated with a Misc Section!
. Sunday, December 8th, 2002
I've made a new section to my website,Misc Section. I will write articles and stuff that I will add to the Misc Section when I get time and find something that I wan't to share with all of you. Right now I've added a article about Game Makers which I find interesting. Check it out!

More Dark Woods 2 maps and highscores added.
. Monday, December 2th, 2002
5 more custom maps for Dark Woods 2 is added and also a new highscore is added to the Top5HighScore list.
Im currently playing around with some AGI,Adventure Game Interpreter, stuff. The AGI interpreter was the starting point for many of Sierra's classic adventure game lines:
- Kings Quest Series
- Leisure Suit Larry Series
- Space Quest Series

If you're also interested in discussing about AGI, visit my Forum.

'Dark Woods 2 Custom Maps Package' and 5 more maps added.
. Sunday, November 17th, 2002
I've added 5 new custom maps for Dark Woods 2 and also a Dark Woods 2 Custom Maps Package that contains 33 custom maps, zipped to one file. It's really funny that you guys still keep creating new custom maps for Dark Woods 2. I promise that I will update the Dark Woods 2 Section more frequently from now on (so you who send me maps don't have to wait so long until they're added).

Dark Woods 3 concept art screenshots.
. Monday, November 4th, 2002
I've updated the Dark Woods 3 section with 4 screenshots with some concept art (made by Jofers). There are no screenshots of the actual engine yet, cause it's still under construction.
The game development goes slow but forwards and I'm very certain that the game will make a worthy sequel to the other Dark Woods games. And no fear, Eduin is still the main character and the option to make maps and campaigns will be added as well. More info will come as the game gets further in development.

Received one award for Dark Woods 2.
. Tuesday, October 29th, 2002
Today I received my award for Dark Woods 2 from the Qbasic News Forum Gaming Awards 2002.

Dark Woods 2 won 2002 QB Gaming Gold Awards : Best Puzzle
. Thursday, October 24th, 2002
Thanks for all the votes, guys! This award is the second award that I recieved for Dark Woods 2. Funny that people still seems to enjoy the game. Thanks again!
Typosoft's qbasic rpg, Ped Xing's Quest, received 6 awards ! A big hail to Michael for his great creation.

2002 QB Gaming Gold Award Winners

Best Original Graphics - Ped Xing's Quest v1.2
Best Original Music - Ped Xing's Quest v1.2
Best Original Story - Ped Xing's Quest v1.2
Best Puzzle Game - Dark Woods 2
Best Sound/Sound Editing - Ghini Run
Gaming Hunk - Ped Xing (Ped Xing's Quest v1.2)
Gaming Babe - Jill the Goddess (Jill the Goddess)
Best QB Villain - Grimm (Mysterious Song) and The Monkeys (Monkey Blast!)
Best Arcade Game - Ghini Run
Best Platform Game - FoX v1.00
Best Strategy Game - Kingdoms
Gaming Generations Award - Secret of Cooey 3
Gaming Legend - DarkDread
Best RPG - Ped Xing's Quest v1.2
Best Programming Team - Darkness Ethereal
Game of the Year - Ped Xing's Quest v1.2

Read more at VPlanet.

Sorry for the lack of updates,lately.
. Friday, October 4th, 2002
Hi. I've been quite lazy lately and it has been awhile since the last update.
Right now I'm involved in the development of Dark Woods 3 and Mordor.
I've also bought a Playstation 2 and that's fun! Just finished Metal-Gear-Solid-2 ! Don't forget to visit the Forum. Cya!
DW2FS updated and 1 new map for Dark Woods 2 added.
. Friday, September 13th, 2002
ZubZero has updated Dark Woods 2 Fan Site with 3 new reviews.
One new map submited,added to the Dark Woods 2 Section.
Be sure you visit Vplanet,where the 2002 QB Gaming Gold Nominees are chosed. Dark Woods 2 has been nomineed for Best Puzzle. Thanks!

Mordor pre-alpha demo V.1.0 released.
. Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I've released the Mordor Pre-Alpha Demo V1.0. Try it out and tell me what u think.
Remeber that it's just a pre-alpha demo, the only thing that will be the same in the full version, is the graphic engine and some tiles. And yeah,the scripts are poor designed (don't take to serious about the content).

26 custom maps for Dark Woods 2 and yes to Mordor demo.
. Saturday, September 7th, 2002
Wow! Now there's 26 maps avaible for Dark Woods 2. Thanks for all submitions and feel free to keep donating your own custom maps.
I've decided to make a pre-alpha demo for Mordor : Middle Earth Tale 4.. You can expect a release within a week.
I'm also happy that Vplanet has reviewed Dark Woods 2: Remake. Read all the review here.

Dark Woods 2 : The Graphic Remake released !
. Monday, August 26th, 2002
Finally! BlueSckR has just finished the final version of Dark Woods 2 : The Graphic Remake.
The final version is full of new features like rain,fog,day/night,well balanced speed,highscores and 8 new maps.
Dark Woods 2: The Graphic Remake can be downloaded from the Dark Woods 2 Section or at BlueSckR's Website.
All 8 new maps are added to the Dark Woods 2 Section.

Dark Woods 2 Fan Site has also been updated.
Dark Woods 2 fan site!Mordor-engine pre-alpha demo?
. Wednesday, August 21th, 2002
ZubZero has made a Dark Woods 2 Fan Site, including custom map reviews,downloads and other information.
Really cool reviews with a screenshot from every custom map. Nice work!
I'm considering releasing a pre-alpha demo of the Mordor-engine, since it seems like the final release won't come in a near future.
This issue isn't decided yet,but it's under consideration. Cya later!
15 custom maps for Dark Woods 2!
. Monday, August 19th, 2002
I think it's really funny that the custom maps for Dark Woods 2 keep geting submited to me. There are now 15 custom maps,all avaible at the Dark Woods 2 Section.
Remember that the Forum is good place if u wan't to ask me something,complain or just say Hi.
MapEditor updated and new maps for Dark Woods 2.
. Wednesday, August 14th, 2002
A updated version of Ryan's MapEditor for Dark Woods 2 is added.
Now there is 9 custom maps avaible for Dark Woods 2, and I hope to recieve more.
Zap has made website called The Ancient Mines of Moria,that features a campaign for Dark Woods 2. Really cool stuff!

VPlanet hosts the Gaming Gold Awards 2002. Be sure You vote.
Dark Woods 2 get awarded!
. Thursday, August 8th, 2002
The QbasicNews Forum Gaming Award has been completed.
Dark Woods 2 won the category Best Puzzle Game.A big thanks to all thoose who voted (bribes will be sent asap) :)
Michael Downlings PedXing's Quest recieved 4 awards.Congratulations!
Here is a complete list of all the winners:

Best Action Game:The Hunt
Best Arcade Game:MonoSpace
Best RPG:Ped Xing's Quest
Best Puzzle:Dark Woods 2
Best Platformer:Promzone
Best Male Character:Ped Xing
Best Female Character:Jill (Jill the Goddess)
Best Story:Ped Xing's Quest
Best Graphics:Jill the Goddess
Best Sounds:Ghini Run
Best Music:The Arc Network
(fanfare) Best Overall Winner:Ped Xing's Quest
Dark Woods 2,new side-project for Jocke The Beast
. Monday, June 3th, 2002
Hey! Another update.This time the Project Section has been updated with information about a new project: Dark Woods 2.
It's the sequel (really?!) to Dark Woods 1, and it's just a small game made for fun.
Dark Woods 2 will feature:mapmaker,highscore mode,new levels/enemies/items and maybe something more.Let's wait and see. Cya!
Quick notice about Dark Woods 1.
. Tuesday, May 28th, 2002
Hi. Just noticed that Dark Woods has been downloaded over 12.000 times from Cnet Download! Not bad for a ascii based adventure game ;) Here's a Screenshot,if u don't belive me ;)
FAQ added.And more info about MORDOR
. Monday, May 17th, 2002
Long time since the last update,sorry for that.
I've added a FAQ,mainly because I lately have received a hugh amount of emails with questions and other stuff. So I thaught that a FAQ could make the amount of emails drop a bit.
I'm not saying that I don't wan't you to mail me,but the FAQ can answer the more common questions u might have.
MORDOR is still under development and Jonge is working hard with the graphic engine. Pixel*pixel scroll,animated sprites and a cool scripting system is done. The biggest challenge right now is to remake the battle engine. I promise you,it will be cool...
- "Come back,come back.To Mordor we'll bring you..."
Contact Section removed!
. Thursday, May 2th, 2002
Just a little layout update. Removed the Contact site and replaced it with the Forum.
Drop in and speak out..
2 new screenshots of MORDOR!
. Sunday, 30th April, 2002
The Projects Site is updated once again with 2 more screenshots on Mordor-engine. New Screenshot1 and New Screenshot2.
The engine plays Midi music and all I can say is that it look really promising.
MORDOR screenshot and news.
. Sunday, 28th April, 2002
The Projects Site is updated with a new Screenshot on Mordor.
Yes, Jonge has almost completed the gfx engine and here's a early shot. And yes, the firepalce is animated.
More tiles and sprites will be added so take this shot for what it really is. A beta version of the gfx engine.
Projects Section updated
. Tuesday, 23th April, 2002
Hi! I've just updated my Projects Site with new information about Mordor,Radiated and a new project (Isengard).
I'm still waiting for the gfx-engine for Mordor,untill then I can't work with Mordor.
New host at!
. Tuesday, 22th April, 2002
Hi I just moved away from geocities and find a new home at Soo this is the new URL I hopefully will use for a long time.
The old site will be online as long as geocities aprove. But it will not be updated,like this one!
A big thanks to Fling who helped me get this new hosting at Qbasic Rpg's domains!!!
O.H.R.R.P.G.C.E - gamemaker for rpg fans
. Tuesday, 16th April, 2002
Sorry for the lack of updates. The reason is that I'm still waiting for Jonge to finish the gfx-engine for Mordor.
I have added a new poll. Be sure to vote!
I must also recommend all you rpg-lovers to visit Hamster Republic . It's the home of the OHRRPGCE,a great engine that allows you to make cool rpg's with little knowledge about coding. Check it out!
MORDOR news and other goodies!
. Thursday, 15th March, 2002
Added another link! This one goes to QB Zone and it's added to my Links section.
MORDOR NEWS! The graphic-engine will be completely redone and I can guarantee that Mordor will appear better then the rest of my games. For now,I will not tell about all the new features but I can promise that it's gonna be great.
Jonge,is the man who will remake Mordor into a new styled of graphic and appearance and I can't thank him enough. He has already done alot of gfx and now he's working with the graphic-engine. I'm lucky to have Jonge as a partner.
Must appologize if I doesn't share all the new features of Mordor, but the reason is that the engine isn't completed yet so I will wait with that information untill it's finished.
Links added and more news!
. Wednesday, 13th March, 2002
I've added yet another link,Master Minds Software to my Links section.
The developing of Mordor goes on. Jonge produces graphic (more then 100 tiles already) and the question about a complete remake of the graphic-engine isn't decided yet. The struggle continues...
I've added 2 more links,Binary Magic and HyperRealistic Games to my Links section.
I'm also proud to annonce that Jonge,the great qbasic programmer, are helping me with MORDOR. He's doing gfx and also right now considering helping me out with the engine.
Dark Woods finished and BlueCastle?
. Thursday, 28th February, 2002
Dark Woods is finished!
It's quite small and only include 6 levels, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. I also must thank Jonge for testing Dark Woods and also Zach Johnson,who made a game called Jungle Raul 1996, cause Dark Woods is a tribute to his game.
I'm not far away from getting a membership at Blue Castle Productions which is a great project-website with talented members. Go and check it out to find out more about it. Link to Blue Castle Productions is also added.
Alot of news!
. Saturday, 16th February, 2002
I've forgot to notify that I've added a Walkthrough for Dark Woods.
I've also added a link to Qbasic Cafe in the Links section. It's a website that I think have got to little attention lately.
I've added a Review for Mirkwood, made by Bakajin. The review gave Mirkwood pretty bad ratings,but I can't blame him. There are many rpg's better then Mirkwood. I've also added a Walkthrough for Mirkwood and a Overview Map for Riders Of Rohan. A walkthrough for Riders Of Rohan will be added soon. Dark Woods is soon to be finished and I already have plans for a sequel.
New project and more info about Mordor
. Wensday, 9th January, 2002
New project added (ASCII based graphic adventure game) called Dark Woods.
Ok. This is the status of MORDOR: Engine=70% done,GFX=15% done,Music=100% done,Scripts=40% done,Maps=10% done. The release will probaly not be until April/May 2002. The Battle system is much better then the ones I used for Mirkwood and Rohan (which was all text-based). The battles in MORDOR will include: Gfx,animations (at least some),attack-spells/defence-spells and more...
Jocke The Beast is back!
. Tuesday, 8th January, 2002
THE BEAST IS BACK !!! Yepp,I couldn't stay away for so long time as I thought. Now I'm back and decided to finish MORDOR - Middle Earth Tale 4. Let's call it a 3 month break ;)
The contents on this website may be downloaded and distributed freely over the web. Jocke The Beast will not take any money, gifts or other valuable things from people who download my games. The only thing I accept is credit and maybe a greeting, if I earn it. If you have any questions, complains or just want to say hi, mail me.  Page design by Jofers, who, unlike Jocke, will gladly take your gifts, valuables and possibly your children if there is profit involved. Forum programmed by Jordan Chamid.

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