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Roguelike games.
. Monday, Febrary 3th
Roguelike games,what the heck is that?!
A roguelike game is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) which is similar to Rogue (the first roguelike game). I don't know how many different roguelike games there is, but it's at least hundreds. Some of the great roguelike games are:
Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM)
Something that are common for almost all roguelike games is that they use ascii symbols instead of graphic. But there are however roguelike games that do use graphic (and sound/music). A roguelike game offers a enormous amount of variety and features a well designed gameplay. Roguelike games are also freeware and many of them also have source code available. Since roguelike games don't have fancy graphics, they work well on older, slow computers with little memory and are available for all popular operating systems.
Ok,you still don't get know what a roguelike game is all about?
Roguelike games are (often): a single-player turn-based (non-real time, wait until the player enters a new command) game uses ASCII graphics (characters, letters and symbols) or simple graphics tiles to represent different monsters, objects and map/terrain elements in the game. The player character itself is most often represented by '@'. The "game world" in a roguelike game is usually a fantasy world (inspired from books,roll playing games or just new-designed fantasy world). The terrain in a roguelike game features often mazes (with rooms and corridors) sometimes made randomly and it's rare to find a roguelike game with a "real" plot. Like other crpgs,roguelike games allows the player gain experience points and advance in levels/ranks which results in the player will becoming more powerful (better abilities, skills, new special powers etc.).
So when and how did it all began?
Maybe it was back in 1970 when the first text adventure game was born? Well,maybe but Rogue,the game, was made in the early 1980. Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman, two students in USA, began to write a graphical adventure game. Michael Toy did most of the programming and Glenn contributed ideas to the project and coined the name "Rogue". Later on Michael Toy and a guy called Jon Lane started a company called A.I.Design. One of their first projects was to port Rogue from UNIX to the IBM PC. Marketing and packaging of the game was later sold to Epyx. Rogue was also ported to other machines such as Apple Macintosh and Amiga and Atari, ZX Spectrum.
Ancient Domains of Mystery, or ADOM, is the one of the "new" roguelike games that is avaible. It's made by Tomas Biskup from Germany. ADOM won the "Internet WorldCharts 1997" download top 40 PC games overall and is based on Tomas fantasy world, Ancardia. The combat system of ADOM is different from other popular roguelike games. In most other games you just run into monster to attack them, but in ADOM you can use different kind of tactics in combat. Tomas has been updating ADOM since it was "born" with new features like: colors, more item, monsters, wilderness area, more player character classes and races.
Angband is a roguelike game that is made by Alex Cutler and Andy Astrand in the early 1990. Angband is influence from the writings of J.R.R.Tolkien and the goal of the game is to kill Morgoth (evil 'god' in J.R.R Tolkien's fantasy world Arda) and get the iron crown which has the Silmarillion jewel encrusted in it. The Angband engine is written in C programming language, but the the monsters, magic and normal items, artifacts and vaults are described in separate text files, so even people who don't know how to program can modify these and add new creatures, objects and such to Angband. There are more then 20 number of variants of Angbad and it keeps growing. The original Angband had only two quests: first kill Sauron at 99th dungeon level and then a trap door appears and then kill Morgoth. The new versions of Angbad (Zangband) have dozens of additional quests and you can easily add your own. Zangband also has a wilderness area surrounding the town and new terrain features such as lava and water (and water monsters).

If you're interested in Rogue-like games,fell free to visit my Forum and discuss more.
Thanks for the word.

- Jocke The Beast
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